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from a secure base.

John Bowlby

Psychotherapy and Counselling Services Sydney

Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy, couples therapy, family therapy, infant pre natal and post natal therapy in Sydney’s Inner West.


Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling is usually short term. There are often strategies that can be provided to assist in making immediate change.

Psychotherapy is a longer-term treatment, which seeks to provide you with a deeper understanding of yourself and your patterns in relationships. 


Couples Therapy

Couples come to couple therapy for various reasons and at different stages of their relationship. There is often adjustment to a new stage of the relationship such as newly together, new parents, parents of adolescents or facing retirement. There may be grief, loss or recovering from a betrayal or disruption. In all of these situations it is important to be able to have both partners speak from their perspective and be heard by the other person. 


Online Counselling and Psychotherapy

Managing Stress during Corona Virus or COVID 19.
Appointments via SKYPE, ZOOM or FaceTime

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Years of private practice: 10 years
Community practice: 20 years