There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you

Maya Angelou

Individual counselling and psychotherapy

Janelle Wright offers short term individual counselling, and long term psychotherapy in Sydney’s Inner West.



Counselling is usually short term. There are often strategies that can be provided to assist in making immediate change. For example stress management, conflict resolution, suggestions for managing cravings.

The focus is usually on changes in behaviour. Counselling can also assist you in making sense of unexpected events or change that are occurring in your life. It can be helpful to gain clarity and make decisions or set goals when dealing with complex, challenging situations. Counselling may then lead to a decision to have psychotherapy, or you may decide you have achieved enough in the short term.


Psychotherapy is a longer-term treatment, which seeks to provide you with a deeper understanding of yourself and your patterns in relationships. This approach requires a commitment to regular ongoing sessions and the environment is one where you can explore how attachment patterns experienced in childhood, or trauma and loss are affecting your life now. I use a psychodynamic approach with the aim of bringing awareness to emotions, thoughts, early life experiences and beliefs that are impacting, on your current difficulties.

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PACFA Accredited Member
Number 26571

AHPRA member
Number NMW0001271160

Years of private practice: 10 years
Community practice: 20 years